Welcome to Shunsuke Okubo Photography

Shunsuke Okubo Photography is launched on his Birthday!

Welcome to Shunsuke Okubo Photography

May 24, 2014. We're proud to announce that Shunsuke Okubo (dir.-writer-actor) launched his photography site!
Check out his beautiful works now at Portfolio page and read Shunsuke’s story at the Shunsuke Okubo Official Site.

Shunsuke Okubo is a filmmaker and actor on his productions SO STUDIOS. In addition to active as an independent photographer.

[UPDATE: 24 May, 2016]
Guess who's back? Back again. Shunsuke's back, tell a friend. His Photography site is renewed and live now!!! FYI, We removed all the past articles from Blog page. He will write his blog post on his experience soon :) Stay tuned. - KRowell

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